Exclusive Reward Redemption

We are blessed with devoted support from our super e-gold members. To extend a heartfelt appreciation, exclusive rewards can be redeemed in just a few clicks. super e-gold member can entitle 10 Reward eCoins for every 40,000 points upon anniversary date, 20 Reward eCoins for 80,000 points, and so on. Reward eCoins redemption is available here and valid within 60 days after anniversary day while stocks last.

Seasonal Fresh Veggies & Tropical Fruit Selection

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to refresh our diet with fresh veggies and delectable tropical fruit. This healthy reward privilege features a high-quality selection of seasonal fruit and veggies, including Japanese Cauliflower Fungus, Japanese Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomatoes, Japanese Earl’s Melon, Taiwanese I Win Mango or Japanese Okinawa Miyako Mango* and more.


Selected Product Highlights*:

Japanese Cauliflower Fungus 

The new darling of the mushroom world, the Japanese Cauliflower Fungus comes in a bouquet and has a crispy texture with an elegant, earthy aroma. It is a versatile cooking ingredient that can be used in Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines. 

Japanese Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomatoes

A city’super Direct Farm item, this fruit tomato has been fertilised using tofu residue, rice bran and seaweed powder – strictly no chemical fertilisers. The result is unbelievably sweet and tasty.

Japanese Earl’s Melon (Available from May to August)

city’super buyers located in Japan strictly select different varieties of melon, including very rare ones, and source them directly from local farms to ensure freshness and the best quality.

Taiwanese I Win Mango (Available from June to July)

Also known as Taiwanese Apple Mango thanks to its deep red skin and golden flesh, the I Win Mango has a strong fragrance, small seed and delicate texture, and is not at all fibrous.  

Japanese Okinawa Mango (Available from May to August)

Okinawa mangoes are of exceptional quality, thanks to Okinawa’s excellent soil and the farmers’ passion for growing delicious mangoes. They have a unique aroma, juicy flesh and an intense sweetness. You can’t stop at just one bite!


*Either the Taiwanese I Win Mango or Japanese Okinawa Miyako Mango will be included in the set, subject to seasonality and availability.

Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.


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The Perfect Pair: Steak & Wine Set

A succulent, sizzling piece of premium steak and a beautiful red wine are truly a match made in heaven. Treat yourself to a scrumptious steak dinner with this special redeemable reward that includes generous portions of Yamagata Chilled Wagyu Beef Striploin and a bottle of Château Corbin 2014


Selected Product Highlights:

Yamagata Chilled Wagyu Beef Striploin

The cattle have been fed with Yamagata rice for 24 months, which gives the fat a low melting point. The meat is very tender with a relatively rich flavour.

Château Corbin 2014

A wine from one of the oldest estates in Saint-Émilion, this red is not at all flashy, but rather elegant with a moderate dryness and long finish, making it a great choice to pair with steak.


Remark: Non-alcoholic option is available. For enquiries, please call the super e gold priority service hotline: 2277 3288.


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Japanese Frozen Seafood & Umeshu Deluxe

Looking to surprise your palate with an unusual food and alcohol pairing? Look no further, as this redeemable reward features a carefully curated selection of frozen seafood, such as the umami bomb of salted and air-dried “Ichiyaboshi” fish, Japanese Ishikawa Frozen Squid Teppoyaki and Shingen Cooked Mini Abalone in Soy Sauce, as well as a bottle of the sweet, mellow Manzairaku 5 Year Aged Kaga Umeshu.


Selected Product Highlights:

Sapporo Foods Japanese Frozen One Night Dried Cut Open Kinki Fish / Akauo (Red Perch) Fish

Ichiyaboshi, which literally translates to “dried overnight”, originated in Hokkaido, Japan. Back then, when freezing technology wasn’t common, the fishermen invented this “salted and air-dried” treatment method to store fresh fish. The fish is cut, gutted, soaked in salt water and then dried overnight. The fish’s natural flavour is enhanced and the result is rich, umami-packed and very tasty. 

Japanese Ishikawa Frozen Squid Teppoyaki

A traditional Japanese dish made with squid from Ishikawa’s Ogi Port, Noto soy beans and ginger sweet miso crafted with deep sea salt. A great snack to go with beer or sake – simply place on foil, heat for 8 minutes and enjoy!

Shingen Cooked Mini Abalone in Soy Sauce

Marinated abalone has been cooked and bottled together with the sauce. This ready-to-eat abalone is extra tender after marinating, balanced in saltiness, and makes a great dish or beer/sake snack. The sauce can be added to noodles or rice.

Umajimura Ponzu Citrus Vinegar

A hot-selling item from Umajimura, which is known as the village of yuzu citrus. This vinegar can be used as a seasoning for salad, tofu and cold noodles, as well as a dipping sauce for sashimi and yakiniku. 

Manzairaku 5 Year Aged Kaga Umeshu

Aged for five years, this plum wine is mild on the palate with deep, concentrated flavours of plum. It also has a unique apricot aroma that becomes richer and smoother.


Remark: Non-alcoholic option is available. For enquiries, please call the super e gold priority service hotline: 2277 3288.

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Create Your Own Cheese & Cold Cut Board

Love premium cheese and cold cuts? This reward privilege contains everything you need to put together a delightful grazing board, including Comte A.O.P. Grande Garde (20-24 Months), Blu '61® Luxury Design Cow Milk Cheese, Piotosini Prosciutto di Parma Ham, Culatello di Zibello D.O.P. (18-24 Months), Briosa Sardine Paté and more.


Selected Product Highlights:

Comte A.O.P. Grande Garde (20-24 Months)

With a chestnut-like texture, mild sweetness and delicate hay and pecan aroma, this cheese can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Blu '61® Luxury Design Cow Milk Cheese

Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and refined with Raboso wine, this intense and aromatic blue cheese has the typical sweet and fruity tones of blue cheese, with scents of cherry. The wine flavour is not invasive but balances out the cheese’s creaminess.

Piotosini Prosciutto di Parma Ham

Prosciutto (Parma Ham) is a famous Italian ham made with the best part of a pig’s leg. It has a thick white layer of fat with bright, almost brick-red flesh, which is thinly sliced to bring out its delicate, savoury aroma and soft texture.

Culatello di Zibello D.O.P. (18-24 Months)

Culatello di Zibello D.O.P. Gualerzi is a salami with Protected Designation of Origin – D.O.P., typical of the municipality of Zibello. Culatello of Parma is said to be the “King of Meats”. 

Briosa Sardine Paté

With colourful packaging inspired by beautiful mosaic tiles, paying homage to the brand’s Spanish roots, this sardine paté makes an excellent appetiser, is great on toast and a useful cooking ingredient.



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The Ultimate city’super Set

Craftmanship and quality are always at the heart of everything that city’super does, so you can be assured that city’super’s own-brand products have been very carefully curated and are only of the best quality. This redeemable reward features a selection of covetable city’super brand items, including 25th Anniversary city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set, Organic Raw Acacia Honey, Cod Liver, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, Sonny Angel HK Paper Display Kit and more.


Selected Product Highlights:

25th Anniversary city'super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set

Made in Modena, the balsamic vinegar is dense, full-bodied and mellow. It is produced according to century-old methods and aged in durmast oak barrels.

city’super Organic Raw Acacia Honey

Raw honey has been kept at low heat throughout the production process and extracted directly from the beehive to retain its natural vitamins. The flavour is delicate with hints of vanilla and candy, and a fruity aroma. Great for spreading on toast, adding to herbal teas and fruit salads, and pairs very well with fresh soft cheese.

city’super Cod Liver

Made with cod wild-caught in the pristine, cold waters of Norway, this cod liver has a very rich flavour and can be enjoyed with thin slices of toast and a dash of lemon juice and pepper.

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain 

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced at a 104-year-old estate in Andalusia, respecting ancestral know-how. Featuring a blend of Picual and Picuda olives, the olive oil has aromas of green apple, green leaves and fresh cut grass. Full-bodied and well-balanced.

Sonny Angel HK Paper Display Kit

This limited-edition item incorporates city’super’s signature colours and Sonny Angel’s iconic pink to create a trendy, visually appealing setting. The rabbit t-shirt features the city’super 25th anniversary logo, and is inspired by Mizuhiki, a Japanese decorative cord, which represents the relationship between city’super and its global brand partners and customers.

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Florté & Frutti Nutti Afternoon Tea Delight

Want to treat yourself to something nice on a lazy Sunday afternoon? How about relaxing and recharging with a snack and a nice cup of hot tea? This reward privilege features a specially curated selection of delicate floral and fruit teas from premium artisanal tea brand Florté, as well as nuts and dried fruits from Frutti Nutti, a brand that was established in 2006 and offers a wide range of dried fruits and nuts from all over the world. It’s time to take a break!


Selected Product Highlights:

Florté Floral Tea – Peppermint

Peppermint tea is great for digestion. Brew for 2-3 minutes and sweeten with sugar or honey.

Florté Honey with Apricot

A lovely tea with natural sweetness from honey and apricot. 

 Florté The Ensemble Tea Bag Gift Set 16pcs

This set comes with four of Florté’s most popular flavours – Chamomile, Apricot, Strawberry & Kiwi and Darjeeling. 

Frutti Nutti Walnuts / Apricots

The healthy, tasty walnuts are from Chile, while the delicious apricots are from Turkey.


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Hang Hing Hong Gourmet Set

Making a sumptuous meal at home is easy with Hang Hing Hong’s selection of premium ingredients and delicacies. A local, time-honoured Hong Kong dried seafood company, Hang Hing Hong was established in 1960, and has since become one of the main suppliers to hotels, restaurants and dried seafood shops. This luxurious redeemable reward comes with a can of rich, succulent Golden Brand South Africa Canned Abalone (18 Head) that has been raised on natural seaweed, Dried Autumn Mushrooms, and umami-packed Japanese Dried Scallops.


Selected Product Highlights:

Golden Brand South Africa Canned Abalone (18 Head)

Fed with natural seaweed, these abalone are tender with a rich flavour.

Japanese Dried Scallop

These umami-packed dried scallops have a smooth, delicate texture. 


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ROYCE’ Chocolate Gift Box

If life is like a box of chocolates, we’d like ours to be filled with delightful sweet treats from beloved Japanese chocolate brand ROYCE’! ROYCE’ was founded in Sapporo in 1983, and makes chocolates of world-class quality using the best ingredients in Hokkaido, where the climate and clean air are ideal for making confectionery. For this uber-sweet redeemable reward, you’ll get a wonderful selection of ROYCE’ chocolates, cookies and more, with highlights such as ROYCE’ Baton Cookies “Fromage”, ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate Sweet & Milk, ROYCE’ Chocolate Wafers – Hazelnut Cream, ROYCE’ Aroma Chocolate Collection and ROYCE’ Nutty Bar Chocolate. 


Selected Product Highlights:

ROYCE’ Baton Cookies “Fromage”

These cookies baked with Hokkaido Parmesan and Gouda cheeses have been coated with white chocolate on one side and have a delicious milky flavour aroma. The saltiness of the cheese and the melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate combine to create a mellow flavour.

ROYCE’ Pure Chocolate Sweet & Milk

Pure Chocolate – Sweet & Milk contains both semi-sweet and milk chocolates. Its smooth texture is truly irresistible. 

ROYCE’ Chocolate Wafers – Hazelnut Cream

Sweet hazelnut cream is sandwiched between crunchy wafers and coated in chocolate.

ROYCE’ Aroma Chocolate Collection

Perfect for those who want to indulge in the world of chocolate, this collection features eight types of chocolates made from cocoa sourced from all over the world. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers.

ROYCE’ Nutty Bar Chocolate

Crunchy, finger-sized chocolate bars are packed with macadamia nuts, pecans, cashews, almonds and crispy puffs.





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Sake & Umeshu Trio Set

Calling all sake and umeshu lovers! Whether you are well-versed in sake or want to try something new, this reward privilege, which includes one bottle each of Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo, Hombo Ryukyo Umeshu and Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo, is sure to surprise and delight your palate.


Selected Product Highlights:

Kubota Seppou Junmai Daiginjo 500mL

The strong acidity brought on by the Yamahai Shikomi brewing method is the most notable feature of this sake. It pairs well with oysters, sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes. 

Hombo Ryukyo Umeshu 720mL (replaced by Daikoku Fukuume Umeshu 720mL)

This plum wine displays a rich brandy fragrance upon unbottling, with a refined aroma and refreshing Koume plum acidity that is easy to fall in love with.

Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo 720mL

This sake delivers a sweet, fruity flavour in the first sip, followed by a dry finish with a complex taste that lingers.


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ForME HONEY city’super 25th Anniversary Set

Have you ever tried locally produced ForME HONEY was established in 2014 in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting health and wellness. The brand is always innovating while taking good care of its bees so these precious workers can help collect the best-quality natural honey.

In collaboration with city’super for its 25th anniversary in 2021, this limited-edition set and redeemable reward includes ForME HONEY 25-Year-Old Mandarin Peel Honey Kumquat, ForME HONEY Aged Lime Essence, Honey Rose Peanut Butter, Basil Lemongrass Honey Roasted Cashews and a special wooden spoon.


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Aomori Blue: Premium Hygiene Products From Japan

A healthcare brand known for extracting pesticide-free cultivated “indigo” in Aomori Prefecture in Japan, Aomori Blue’s highly praised products contain natural deodorant and antibacterial ingredients, and are safe to use even in homes with pets.


This reward privilege contains:

Aomori Blue Antibacterial Spray – 500mL, 150mL, 80mL (one each)

Aomori Blue Body Soap

Aomori Blue Disinfection Wet Wipes – 80

Aomori Blue Face Soap

Aomori Blue Antiviral Masks – 5


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Innotier: The Ultimate Protection

Keeping up with hygiene and safeguarding your health are more important than ever, so you want to make sure your face mask is offering the best protection possible. This reward privilege contains Innotiers top-of-the-line face masks and gloves. 

The InnoShield Champion Series SXM99 mask is Innotier’s latest development, incorporating Ionic+ silver technology from Noble Biomaterials, which offers the highest efficiency in inhibiting 99%+ COVID-19 and SARS viruses on the fabric, and has been tested after 200 washes. 

InnoTouch are lightweight, breathable premium gloves that feature patented Ionic+ technology, which harnesses the power of 99.9% pure silver woven directly into the fabric to dramatically reduce the viability of viruses and microbes on soft surfaces. 

This reward privilege contains:

- InnoShield (Adult) Mask – Matte Black – SXM99

- InnoShield (Adult) Mask – Cobalt Blue – SXM99

- InnoTouch XGSC2 (Adult) – Onyx Black M/L x2 

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To Infinity With Sam Sam Collectible Figurine

Celebrated Hong Kong designer Kenny Wong and renowned local toy brand threezero have joined hands to create an original character – Sam Sam! Sam Sam is a curious, adventurous boy with blue eyes and blonde hair who sticks his tongue out in a cheeky facial expression. Since its initial release in 2018, character figurines in different looks have become huge hits that have all sold out soon after their launches.

This time, LOG-ON has collaborated on the launch of the “Kennysword x threezero Sam Sam The Astronaut – LOG-ON Edition”, where fans will see Sam Sam in a fantastical, candy-coated pastel astronaut outfit on a mission to Dreamy Planet. Get yours now!


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Leather Handcraft Kit For Homebodies

As we’re all spending more time at home, many of us have picked up a new hobby. Have you? If you adore handmade goods and want to try your hand at creating a piece of craft that is as good-looking as it is practical, then this leather DIY kit is for you. Leatherism is a leather DIY kit speciality store based in Hong Kong that was founded in 2009 and has been producing kits since 2011. With this DIY kit, you can personally create your one-of-a-kind leather tote bag using genuine tanned vegetable leather. 


Size: Approx. 28cm (H) x 42cm (W) x 11cm (D)

Materials: Italian/South American Milled Soft Vegetable Tanned Calf Skin Leather or Korean Dyed Calf Skin Leather

Contains: Pre-cut leather pieces, needles, wax thread, instructions, fabric bag, greeting card


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Keana Nadeshiko Limited-edition Skincare Set

Everyone wishes to have clear, smooth, and flawless skin. For the last 13 years, Keana Nadeshiko tells us how to make this wish come true using a very simple way. Yielding significant results from its natural baking soda formula, Keana Nadeshiko’s cleansing series has brought confidence to the skin of many girls, and is the reason why the brand has become increasingly familiar to people in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and overseas throughout these years. LOG-ON now proudly introduces this natural cleansing series from Japan. Come and enjoy this poreless and flawless excitement with us!


Selected Product Highlights :

Nadeshiko Rice Mask

  • Made with 100% Japanese domestic rice extract
  • Effectively improve dry skin, pores and fine lines
  • Restores zero pores and elasticity like cooked rice

Nadeshiko Rice Pack

Made in Japan and made from 100% Japanese rice. Four beauty ingredients derived from rice

  1. Rice fermentation broth helps moisturize
  2. Rice bran oil brings elastic skin  
  3. Rice ceramide conditioning skin  
  4. Rice bran extract smoothen skin 

Goodies Set include : 

  • KEANA Rice Toner 200mL x 1
  • KEANA Rice Mask 10 pcs. x 2
  • KEANA Rice Pack 170g x 1
  • KEANA Rice Cream 30g x 1
  • KEANA Baking Soda Foam Wash 100g x 1
  • KEANA Baking Soda Scrub Wash 100g x 1
  • HAMIGAKI NADESHIKO Baking Soda Glossy Toothpaste 140g x 1
  • KEANA Baking Soda Nose Cream Pack 15g x 1


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