Exclusive Reward Redemption

We are blessed with devoted support from our super e-gold members. To extend a heartfelt appreciation, exclusive rewards can be redeemed in just a few clicks. super e-gold member can entitle 10 Reward eCoins for every 40,000 points upon anniversary date, 20 Reward eCoins for 80,000 points, and so on. Reward eCoins redemption is available here and valid within 60 days after anniversary day while stocks last.

“Spring in Bloom” Premium Fruit & Veggies Selection

Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy some premium seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. city’super has put together this spring-exclusive reward privilege featuring Japanese Saga Snow Rabbit White Strawberries, Japanese Mikan Gift Box (Kyushu), Italian Puntarella, Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato and Australian Avocado. In addition, depending on season, it includes either Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries or Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries*. 

Selected Product Highlights * :

Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries 

Ohkami strawberries have bright red skin and sweet flesh. The brand has been growing strawberries in its own farm for over 50 years.

Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries

Produced by Yamashita Farm in Fukuoka Prefecture, Amaou strawberries are large and very sweet with a cute round appearance. With a deep red colour, the flesh is firm and very juicy. Amaou means “the King of Sweet Strawberries” in Japanese. The sugar level is very high, with almost no acidity. These strawberries are cultivated using the latest temperature control system and mineral-rich natural groundwater. The farm also avoids using pesticides wherever possible. 

Japanese Saga Snow Rabbit White Strawberries

Snow Rabbit strawberries have firm flesh that is white with hints of pink. The taste is sweet and refreshing. White strawberries are harder to grow than normal red strawberries, so only a small quantity is produced each year, which explains their higher price tag.

Japanese Mikan Gift Box (Kyushu)

Japanese mikans are sweet and very juicy in season. They come in beautiful packaging, and are great as gifts or something for yourself.

Italian Puntarella

The long green leaves can be used to prepare side dishes, soups or quiches. Detach the florets from the base and treat them like asparagus. Remove the hard bases, and the sprouts can be steamed, cooked in stew, used in salads or cooked with pasta, rice or gnocchi.


*The set will include either Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries or Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries, subject to season and availability.

*Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.

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An Exceptional Japanese Pairing: Wagyu Beef & Sake Set

If you want to try a different kind of harmonious pairing, city’super has put together this delightful Japanese A5 Grade Wagyu Beef & Sake Set as a redeemable reward, featuring Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef and a 720ml bottle of Kubota Senju Junmai Ginjo to complement the exquisitely marbled beef. Perfect for sake and meat lovers. 

What’s Inside:

Yamagata Chilled A5 Grade Wagyu Beef – Sukiyaki

Known as “the Queen of Black Wagyu”, Otome Ushi cattle, or “maiden cows”, are loved for their beautiful marbling and refined, tender flesh. Only cattle that are 30 months or older are used, and the Otome Ushi are raised for two to three months more than other black wagyu. city’super partners directly with Yamaguchi Chikusan, the largest cattle farm in Yamagata Prefecture, so the quality can be assured, with a stable supply. Growth hormones, GMO feed, meat and bone meal, antibiotics and synthetic antimicrobials are never used. The feed is adjusted for the five stages of growth and fattening, so each cow is raised healthily and its flesh presents the most refined marbling. 

Kubota Senju Junmai Ginjo 720ml

A modern reinterpretation of Kubota Senju. Elegant aroma and a refreshing, crisp taste. An excellent sake to accompany any dish. 

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Winter Warmers: Hotpot Trio

The colder months of the year are perfect for hotpot. city’super is delighted to present this reward privilege featuring all your hotpot needs, including ingredient sets such as Seafood Hotpot Set C, Organic Vegetable Hotpot Set and Organic Meat Hotpot Set; Hakataya Momen Tofu; condiment and soup bases like Uside Sesame Sauce and Yakushian Soy Milk Soup for Hotpot; and Heroes Beer Pilsner to quench your thirst during your hotpot session.

Selected Product Highlights:

Hakataya Momen Tofu (Large)

Freshly made in Hong Kong daily using high-quality soybeans by Japanese artisans. Momen tofu has a firmer and slightly rougher texture, and is perfect for steaming, deep-frying, pan-frying or stewing.

Heroes Beer Pilsner (alc. 4.8%) 330mL

Very refreshing, the beer is golden yellow with a fluffy head. On the nose are floral and lemony aromas of hops and roasted malt. On the palate, the beer has a firm body that balances the style’s unique bitterness. Very easy to drink, with a dry finish.

Uside Sesame Sauce

A wonderful, tasty, versatile sesame sauce that can be paired with a wide range of dishes, such as cold noodles and salads, or used as a hotpot condiment.

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Deluxe Oyster Selection & Sake Set

White wine pairs wonderfully with oysters, but so does sake. If you’re up for trying something different, then this city’super reward privilege is perfect for you. This oyster and sake set features the exquisite French Fine De Claire Oysters Nr.3 and a 720ml bottle of Eikun Suiten Ippeki Junmai Daiginjo, which are sure to delight even the most discerning gourmet.

Selected Product Highlights:

French Fine De Claire Oysters Nr.3 (Box)

Refined for at least several weeks in salt farms, Fine de Claire oysters are able to absorb the essence of the minerals for a perfectly rich flavour involving a burst of umami. The oysters are sweet and juicy with a good balance of brininess. Nr.3 is the size most favoured by European diners.

Eikun Suiten Ippeki Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Dry and elegant, this sake has a refreshing palate that is as cool as its blue-coloured bottle. Goes well with sushi, sashimi and other seafood.

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city’super Special Selection

city’super is an expert in sourcing and selecting top-quality products from brands that respect craftsmanship and authenticity. We have developed our range of own-brand products, which you can enjoy with this redeemable reward. The special set features city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain, city’super x Alan Chan Environmental Shopping Bag, city’super x Anya Hindmarch Universal Bag and more.

Selected Product Highlights:

city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar IGP 250ml

Made in Modena, this balsamic vinegar is dense, full-bodied and mellow, with a sweet black cherry aftertaste. It is produced using century-old methods and aged in durmast oak barrels.

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in a 104-year-old estate in Andalusia, respecting ancestral know-how. Featuring a blend of Picual and Picuda olives, the olive oil has aromas of green apple, green leaves and freshly cut grass. Full-bodied and well-balanced.

city’super x Alan Chan Environmental Shopping Bag

We have once again partnered with renowned global designer Alan Chan, with whom we originally collaborated in 1996 on the city’super logo, to launch the all-new “crafting a better lifestyle” collection of reusable shopping bags and furoshiki. Vibrant and colourful, the collection presents a refined everyday urban style that inspires customers to pursue a better lifestyle through craftsmanship.

city’super x Anya Hindmarch Universal Bag

Anya Hindmarch has always been passionate about sustainability and solving issues around plastic bag use. The brand’s The Universal Bag project aims to provide an innovative new way of shopping by creating a stylish, reusable shopping bag that tackles a range of sustainability challenges. Launching for the first time in Hong Kong, the exclusive Anya Hindmarch x city’super edition of The Universal Bag offers urbanites a new generation of shopping bag that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, reusable, practical and 100% recyclable.

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Hang Hing Hong Deluxe Set

Making a sumptuous meal at home has been made easy with Hang Hing Hong’s selection of premium ingredients and delicacies. A local, time-honoured Hong Kong dried seafood company, Hang Hing Hong was established in 1960, and has since become one of the main suppliers to hotels, restaurants and dried seafood shops. This luxurious redeemable reward comes with a can of rich and succulent Golden Brand South Africa Canned Abalone (10 Head) that has been raised on natural seaweed, Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Buds, Taiwan Alishan Freeze-dried Snow Fungus Stew, and Ginseng No.2.

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Premium Kaiseki Bento For Two

Want to indulge in a scrumptious Japanese meal in the comfort of your own home? This city’super reward privilege features a premium kaiseki bento for two*, which includes seven appetisers, such as Sakura Shrimp, Deep-fried Golden Scallop, Green Onion with Chicken Skewers and Conger Boiled Abalone; the simmered dish Hakataya Deep-fried Tofu Ball with Crab Sauce; the grilled dish Grilled Miso Black Cod; the main course Thick-cut Roast Premium Japanese Yamagata A5 Grade Wagyu Beef; and rice balls with a pickled side dish of Burdock Root Zuke. The set also comes with a bottle of Eikun Junmai Daiginjo 300ml and two sake glasses 65mL.


*Terms and conditions:
• Please redeem your bento at least 72 hours before pick-up date. The daily cut-off time is 3:00pm.
• Order and pick-up location cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed.
In case of Black Rainstorm Warning / Typhoon signal No.8 or above, the bento set may be delayed or cancelled on the same day or next day; customer will be contacted for further arrangements.
• Bento items are subject to change due to ingredient supply. Customers will be contacted for any further arrangements.
• City Super Limited reserves the right to amend terms and conditions and to make final decision on all matters of dispute.

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