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Double Deli Delight with Ham & Cheese
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At city’super, we’re obsessed with high-quality cold cuts and cheese. This is why we’ve put together this reward privilege featuring some of the best deli products that we have sourced from around the world: Piotosini Prosciutto Ham – 20-24 MonthsParmigiano Reggiano Cheese – 22-24 MonthsMonteterno Pecorino al Tartufo CheeseMadrange Goose Liver Mousse with WineLe Borvo Atlantic Smoked Salmon Cube and more. Enjoy!

Selected Product Highlights:

Piotosini Prosciutto Ham – 20-24 Months

Produced by a family business with over a century of history, each leg of ham weighing about 6.5kg is carefully selected for 2 years of air-drying, where the craftsmanship and know-how of the artisans keep it from becoming too dry or too moist. The result is a ham that is smooth with a fine texture; it can be paired with biscuits and fruit such as melons and figs, or used as a pizza topping.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese – 22-24 Months 

Labelled with D.O.P, Parmigiano Reggiano is known as the “king of cheese”. The cheese producer Parmareggio S.P.A. was established in 1983 and has a large range of suppliers, ensuring that its Parmigiano Reggiano achieves high quality from farm to shop. This cheese has a complex, strong flavour that pairs very well with a light-bodied white wine. 

Monteterno Pecorino al Tartufo Cheese

La Casearia is run by an Italian family with over 30 years of experience in the dairy and cheese industry. They are dedicated to making creative cheeses, such as sheep’s milk black truffle cheese. Pecorino Al Tartufo is made from sheep’s milk and has a strong truffle and fruit aroma. We recommend enjoying it with red wine. 

Madrange Goose Liver Mousse with Wine

Since the goose liver mousse is made with port, you’ll find it very enjoyable to savour this mousse with a glass of fortified wine. Port is made by adding spirits during the production process, giving it its distinctive rich flavour, a natural sweetness and a smooth mouthfeel.

Le Borvo Atlantic Smoked Salmon Cube

Le Borvo has been in the smoked salmon business for over 40 years. It sources good-quality raw salmon from small farms, mainly in Norway and Scotland, only produces high-end salmon and rarely works with other retailers in France. Le Borvo takes five days to smoke one salmon, while many other producers speed up the process by injecting saline.