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[Jul – Sep Exclusive] Kiss of Sunshine: Summer Fruits from Around the World
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Thanks to the warm weather and ample sunshine, summer brings an explosion of colours and flavours to the produce aisle. With this redeemable reward, you can enjoy a selection of delightful, seasonal fruits from across the globe, from melons and peaches to apples, blueberries and Kyoho grapes!


#Only one type of seasonal melon (Japan Hokkaido Maruyama Farm Tsuyabeni Red Meat Melon or Japanese Arus Melon) and only one type of seasonal peach (Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach or Japan Okayama White Peach) will be included in the set, subject to seasonality and availability.


Selected Product Highlights*  :

Japan Hokkaido Maruyama Farm Tsuyabeni Red Meat Melon*#

Hailing from Hokkaido, this melon is known for its unique texture, thick and juicy flesh and refreshing aroma. The large temperature difference between day and night contributes to the higher sugar content in the melons. Precious like rubies, these melons feature a beautiful net pattern on the skin.

Japanese Arus Melon (Large) *#

Grown in Kyushu region where rich natural resources are abundant, the Arus Melon is sweet, juicy and of high quality. The temperature, humidity and moisture are strictly controlled.

Japan Yamanashi Ohtouryou Peach*#

Grown in Misaka, Ohtouryou peaches are plump, remarkably sweet and soft among all the peach varieties. Its sweetness level can reach 13.5 Brix or above.

Japan Okayama White Peach (Royal Grade)*#

"Royal" grade peaches must have a minimum Brix level of 12 degrees. Round with creamy white skin, the Okayama White Peach has soft and delicate flesh and is sweet and juicy with a pleasant and elegant aroma.

Australia Tasmania Rubigold Apple

Originating from the Huon Valley in Tasmania, these ruby-red apples are exceptionally crispy and juicy.

Australian Super Jumbo Plus Blueberry

Super crunchy and sweet, these super jumbo blueberries are more than 22mm in size for the ultimate berry-eating experience.

Japan Fukuoka Kato Farm Grape Kyoho Pack

Kato Farm is located in Fukuoka Prefecture. Kyoho grapes are large with dark purple skin and delicate, sweet and juicy flesh. Enjoy their rich wine aroma with a hint of candy.


*Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.