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[Jul – Sep Exclusive] Sea’s Bounty: Delectable Seafood Set
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Fancy having a BBQ seafood party? We have put together a selection of exceptional seafood for this redeemable reward, which includes tiger prawns, giant oysters and scallops, and also comes with a bottle of Flagrant Hot Sauce to bring out the smoky BBQ flavours and the seafood’s natural umami!

Selected Product Highlights*:

Australian Skull Island Frozen Wild Caught Tiger Prawn

These are the largest wild-caught prawns in Australia measuring up to 26cm in length. They are caught, packed and snap frozen at sea to retain the prawn's utmost freshness. Characterised by their rich, savoury flavour, firm texture, and a lingering sweet aftertaste, the prawns are certified “sustainable seafood” by MSC and are great for grilling, BBQ, steaming or deep-frying.

Japan Hiroshima Frozen Giant Oyster

The largest oysters are harvested exclusively for city’super in January to May, using the latest 3D freezing technology to quickly freeze them at -45°C to keep their springy texture and freshness. Suitable for deep-frying, oyster rice, oyster gratin, and goes well with Western-style dishes such as pasta and ajillo.

Japan Hokkaido Frozen Scallop U15 for Cooking

Top-quality scallops with an ivory translucence and elastic springiness. Great for grilling, steaming, frying or baking. Be careful not to overcook them.

Flagrant Hot Sauce

A great condiment with grilled and fried foods and an excellent companion for BBQ. 


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