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Seasonal Fresh Veggies & Tropical Fruit Selection
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As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to refresh our diet with fresh veggies and delectable tropical fruit. This healthy reward privilege features a high-quality selection of seasonal fruit and veggies, including Japanese Cauliflower Fungus, Japanese Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomatoes, Japanese Earl’s Melon, Taiwanese I Win Mango or Japanese Okinawa Miyako Mango* and more.


Selected Product Highlights*:

Japanese Cauliflower Fungus 

The new darling of the mushroom world, the Japanese Cauliflower Fungus comes in a bouquet and has a crispy texture with an elegant, earthy aroma. It is a versatile cooking ingredient that can be used in Chinese, Western and Japanese cuisines. 

Japanese Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomatoes

A city’super Direct Farm item, this fruit tomato has been fertilised using tofu residue, rice bran and seaweed powder – strictly no chemical fertilisers. The result is unbelievably sweet and tasty.

Japanese Earl’s Melon (Available from May to August)

city’super buyers located in Japan strictly select different varieties of melon, including very rare ones, and source them directly from local farms to ensure freshness and the best quality.

Taiwanese I Win Mango (Available from June to July)

Also known as Taiwanese Apple Mango thanks to its deep red skin and golden flesh, the I Win Mango has a strong fragrance, small seed and delicate texture, and is not at all fibrous.  

Japanese Okinawa Mango (Available from May to August)

Okinawa mangoes are of exceptional quality, thanks to Okinawa’s excellent soil and the farmers’ passion for growing delicious mangoes. They have a unique aroma, juicy flesh and an intense sweetness. You can’t stop at just one bite!


*Either the Taiwanese I Win Mango or Japanese Okinawa Miyako Mango will be included in the set, subject to seasonality and availability.

Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.