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Japanese Frozen Seafood & Umeshu Deluxe
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Looking to surprise your palate with an unusual food and alcohol pairing? Look no further, as this redeemable reward features a carefully curated selection of frozen seafood, such as the umami bomb of salted and air-dried “Ichiyaboshi” fish, Japanese Ishikawa Frozen Squid Teppoyaki and Shingen Cooked Mini Abalone in Soy Sauce, as well as a bottle of the sweet, mellow Manzairaku 5 Year Aged Kaga Umeshu.


Selected Product Highlights:

Sapporo Foods Japanese Frozen One Night Dried Cut Open Kinki Fish / Akauo (Red Perch) Fish

Ichiyaboshi, which literally translates to “dried overnight”, originated in Hokkaido, Japan. Back then, when freezing technology wasn’t common, the fishermen invented this “salted and air-dried” treatment method to store fresh fish. The fish is cut, gutted, soaked in salt water and then dried overnight. The fish’s natural flavour is enhanced and the result is rich, umami-packed and very tasty. 

Japanese Ishikawa Frozen Squid Teppoyaki

A traditional Japanese dish made with squid from Ishikawa’s Ogi Port, Noto soy beans and ginger sweet miso crafted with deep sea salt. A great snack to go with beer or sake – simply place on foil, heat for 8 minutes and enjoy!

Shingen Cooked Mini Abalone in Soy Sauce

Marinated abalone has been cooked and bottled together with the sauce. This ready-to-eat abalone is extra tender after marinating, balanced in saltiness, and makes a great dish or beer/sake snack. The sauce can be added to noodles or rice.

Umajimura Ponzu Citrus Vinegar

A hot-selling item from Umajimura, which is known as the village of yuzu citrus. This vinegar can be used as a seasoning for salad, tofu and cold noodles, as well as a dipping sauce for sashimi and yakiniku. 

Manzairaku 5 Year Aged Kaga Umeshu

Aged for five years, this plum wine is mild on the palate with deep, concentrated flavours of plum. It also has a unique apricot aroma that becomes richer and smoother.


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