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The Ultimate city’super Set
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Craftmanship and quality are always at the heart of everything that city’super does, so you can be assured that city’super’s own-brand products have been very carefully curated and are only of the best quality. This redeemable reward features a selection of covetable city’super brand items, including 25th Anniversary city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set, Organic Raw Acacia Honey, Cod Liver, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, Sonny Angel HK Paper Display Kit and more.


Selected Product Highlights:

25th Anniversary city'super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set

Made in Modena, the balsamic vinegar is dense, full-bodied and mellow. It is produced according to century-old methods and aged in durmast oak barrels.

city’super Organic Raw Acacia Honey

Raw honey has been kept at low heat throughout the production process and extracted directly from the beehive to retain its natural vitamins. The flavour is delicate with hints of vanilla and candy, and a fruity aroma. Great for spreading on toast, adding to herbal teas and fruit salads, and pairs very well with fresh soft cheese.

city’super Cod Liver

Made with cod wild-caught in the pristine, cold waters of Norway, this cod liver has a very rich flavour and can be enjoyed with thin slices of toast and a dash of lemon juice and pepper.

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain 

city’super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced at a 104-year-old estate in Andalusia, respecting ancestral know-how. Featuring a blend of Picual and Picuda olives, the olive oil has aromas of green apple, green leaves and fresh cut grass. Full-bodied and well-balanced.

Sonny Angel HK Paper Display Kit

This limited-edition item incorporates city’super’s signature colours and Sonny Angel’s iconic pink to create a trendy, visually appealing setting. The rabbit t-shirt features the city’super 25th anniversary logo, and is inspired by Mizuhiki, a Japanese decorative cord, which represents the relationship between city’super and its global brand partners and customers.