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The Beginner’s Home Grill Set
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If getting a home grill to make exquisite barbecued meats is something that’s been on your mind, then this reward privilege is for you! This set includes Spanish Iberico Pork Rack, Japanese Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wings, Japanese Mini Tomatoes on Vine, Thai Baby Asparagus, as well as a Tominaga 4-piece Ceramic Burner Set. Your weekend rooftop BBQ party just got a lot more fun!

Selected Product Highlights:

Spanish Iberico Pork French Rack [Previously Frozen]

Iberico pigs feed on natural fodder such as acorns, grass and aromatic herbs in the oak groves. Their consistent roaming in search of food results in a longer fattening time of up to 14 months, which also means a better distribution of fat. The pork has a unique buttery and nutty flavour thanks to the oil from the acorns.

Japanese Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wing with Tip [Previously Frozen]

One of Japan's three most famous chicken breeds, the Nagoya Cochin Chicken is a native breed that was once endangered due to impact of imported chicken from foreign countries. Fortunately, it was preserved under the efforts of the local chicken farmers in the 1880s and became the town’s signature breed. The Cochin Chicken has been raised for about 130 days with meat that is firm with a nice bite.

Tominaga 4-piece Burner Set (14 x 15 x 10 cm)

The Japanese Tominaga ceramic burner has a bottom tray that can be filled with water to help regulate temperature and reduce smoke. The burner has far infrared cooking capabilities for better heat distribution.