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Supreme Seafood Selection
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Every day is a great day for seafood. If you want to save the hassle of putting together a seafood platter, then this city’super redeemable reward – which features a Seafood Platter containing some of the most sought-after seafood, French Chiron Speciale Oyster Nr. 2 and Don Bocarte Pre-cooked Octopus – is for you.

Selected Product Highlights:

Seafood Platter

This exquisite seafood platter comes with 2 halves of cooked Canada wild-caught lobster, 4 cooked sweet Vannamei prawns from Thailand, 4 meaty cooked whelks from Canada, 4 sweet, umami-packed cooked snow crab claws and 4 Japanese Hokkaido boiled scallops.

French Chiron Speciale Oyster Nr. 2 [Case] – No Opening Service

Farmed in the open sea for three years and refined in “claires”, or saltwater ponds, in the Marennes Oleron area. Thanks to the farming techniques developed by Laurent Chiron, the oysters are grown fully underwater so they can eat more plankton and absorb more nutrients.

Pre-cooked Octopus Don Bocarte

If you love octopus but dread the thought of cleaning your own, then try this. Freshly caught, this octopus by Don Bocarte is slow-cooked in its own juices and packaged right on the boat. It comes ready to slice into a cold seafood salad, or to cook as you like.