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“Spring in Bloom” Premium Fruit & Veggies Selection
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Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy some premium seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables. city’super has put together this spring-exclusive reward privilege featuring Japanese Saga Snow Rabbit White Strawberries, Japanese Mikan Gift Box (Kyushu), Italian Puntarella, Japanese Naruto Kintoki Sweet Potato and Australian Avocado. In addition, depending on season, it includes either Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries or Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries*. 

Selected Product Highlights * :

Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries 

Ohkami strawberries have bright red skin and sweet flesh. The brand has been growing strawberries in its own farm for over 50 years.

Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries

Produced by Yamashita Farm in Fukuoka Prefecture, Amaou strawberries are large and very sweet with a cute round appearance. With a deep red colour, the flesh is firm and very juicy. Amaou means “the King of Sweet Strawberries” in Japanese. The sugar level is very high, with almost no acidity. These strawberries are cultivated using the latest temperature control system and mineral-rich natural groundwater. The farm also avoids using pesticides wherever possible. 

Japanese Saga Snow Rabbit White Strawberries

Snow Rabbit strawberries have firm flesh that is white with hints of pink. The taste is sweet and refreshing. White strawberries are harder to grow than normal red strawberries, so only a small quantity is produced each year, which explains their higher price tag.

Japanese Mikan Gift Box (Kyushu)

Japanese mikans are sweet and very juicy in season. They come in beautiful packaging, and are great as gifts or something for yourself.

Italian Puntarella

The long green leaves can be used to prepare side dishes, soups or quiches. Detach the florets from the base and treat them like asparagus. Remove the hard bases, and the sprouts can be steamed, cooked in stew, used in salads or cooked with pasta, rice or gnocchi.


*The set will include either Japanese Saga Ide Farm Ohkami Strawberries or Japanese Yamashita Farm Amaou Strawberries, subject to season and availability.

*Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.