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Ready-to-cook: Ultimate Lobster & Wine Set​
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Description & Details

Who doesn’t love lobsters? Cook up some al dente linguine, mix in a delicious fresh basil sauce, and you’ve got yourself a hearty seafood feast! Of course, the feast is not complete without a good bottle of white wine. This redeemable reward—which includes Canadian 2 Frozen Wild Half Split Lobsters - MSC, Luca Ciano Gluten-free Fresh Basil Sauce, Di Martino PGI D&G Linguine and a bottle of Dom Millot Bourgogne Aligote 17/18—is exactly what you need.​

Selected Product Highlights:​

Canadian 2 Frozen Wild Half Split Lobsters - MSC​

These wild Atlantic lobsters from the southwestern part of Nova Scotia, Canada have firm and juicy meat. They are prepared with high-pressure low-temperature technology (HPP), which has been recognised by PETA and WWF as the most humane live lobster processing method. Comes in halves for easy preparation and cooking. ​

Dom Millot Bourgogne Aligote 17/18​

Domaine Bernard Millot is a family-owned estate situated in Meursault. In order to preserve the typicality of each terroir, new oak is used and no yeast is added during vinification. All their vineyards are planted using sustainable and organic methods. This wine has fresh aromas of lime, pear and white pepper with crisp acidity and is full of citrus, spice and mineral flavours. ​

Luca Ciano Gluten-free Fresh Basil Sauce​

This sauce has beautiful and natural balanced flavour made from 100% ripe, juicy, sweet Italian tomatoes and the best of Italian basil. Cooked and seasoned to perfection by Chef Luca Ciano. ​

Di Martino PGI D&G Linguine​

An IGP (“Protected Geographical Indication”) product. Little bit wider than spaghetti, but narrower than fettuccine, linguine helps to absorb lighter sauces and hold the ingredients in place. It offers a luxurious texture with a mild sauce and seafood. Pairs well with lobster.