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Deli & Cheese Platter Starter Kit​
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Description & Details

Building your own Deli & Cheese Platter has never been easier with this reward privilege, which features a curated selection of cold cuts, cheeses, olives, capers, condiments and more. Highlighted items include Camembert de Normandie AOP, Fromage Tomme Aux Fleurs Cow Milk, Bleu Des Causses AOP, Carnidock Prosciutto Crudo Cuneo DOP Boneless, Golfera Salami with Fennel Seeds, and more. Perfect for house parties or indulgent afternoons.  ​

Selected Product Highlights:​

Camembert de Normandie AOP​

Made with raw cow’s milk, this camembert from Normandy is soft and creamy. Enjoy in canapes or baked.​

Fromage Tomme Aux Fleurs Cow Milk​

Produced in the Grand-Est region (Alsace), this is a pasteurised cow's milk cheese that is pressed, uncooked and coated with wild flowers. Its taste is sweet, with hazelnut and flower flavours. If you taste it with its crust, its floral aromas will be more pronounced.​

Bleu des Causses AOP​

Firm, unctuous and rich, the Bleu des Causses can be enjoyed from aperitif to dessert. It will spice up any cheese platter, delicately accommodate your recipes, or can simply be enjoyed on a slice of cereal bread with nuts.​

Carnidock Prosciutto Crudo Cuneo DOP Boneless​

Cured with the sweet salt of Cervia, this prosciutto has a smooth texture and is perfect as an appetiser, sandwich fillings, in salads, or with an Italian wine.​

Golfera Salami with Fennel Seeds ​

A traditional Italian salami, this is made only from selected cuts from the Italian heavyweight pig and prepared using an ancient recipe. The inclusion of fennel seeds and careful ageing give this salami its highly distinctive flavour and fragrance.