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[Apr – Jun Exclusive] A Tropical Paradise: Seasonal Fruits from Around the World
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With their unique and exotic flavours, enticing aromas and variety of textures, tropical fruits are especially loved for evoking pleasant memories of vacations and exotic destinations. With this redeemable reward, you can enjoy a selection of exquisite, seasonal tropical fruits from around the world, from pineapples and mangoes to papaya, guava, granadilla and dragon fruit!


#Only one type of seasonal pineapple (Taiwanese Golden Pineapple or Japanese Okinawa Peach Pineapple) and only one type of seasonal mango (Japanese Miyazaki Kawasaki Farm Mango Pack, Japan Mango, Japan Okinawa Apple Mango or Thai Royal Ruby Mango) will be included in the set.


Selected Product Highlights*  :

Taiwanese Golden Pineapple*#

In season from March to September, this naturally ripened golden fruit from Taiwan’s Ping Tung has delicate and juicy flesh, a pleasant sweetness and lovely aroma. Even the pineapple core is sweet and tender!

Japanese Okinawa Peach Pineapple*#

In its short lifespan of three years, each Okinawan pineapple tree can only produce two pineapples. Due to its smaller size and shorter harvest period, very few farmers are willing to grow this variety, making the Peach Pineapple very rare. Highly favoured by Japanese gourmets, its pale white flesh is very sweet with a hint of peach aroma.

Japanese Miyazaki Kawasaki Farm Mango Pack*#

Kawasaki Farm in Nishimoro City, Miyazaki Prefecture has carefully selected Miyazaki Mangoes for city’super customers. Only mangoes that are fully ripened and have naturally fallen from trees are chosen. They then undergo strict quality inspections before being flown to Hong Kong.

Thai Royal Ruby Mango*#

With only one harvest per year, these giant mangoes weighing in at 750g to 1,000g have a very limited supply. With red skin and thick flesh that emits a floral aroma, the juicy mango has a small pit and fine fibres. Reaching up to 17 brix in sweetness level, the mangoes are ripened on trees and the sweetest when they begin to wrinkle.

Colombia Yellow Granadilla

Also known as passion fruit, the granadilla has bright yellow skin, rich aroma and a refreshing sweetness. The fruit is rich in various vitamins and minerals, and the dietary fibre of its black seeds is three times that of bananas.


*Certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, items may be replaced with other products of equal value without prior notice.