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[Apr – Jun Exclusive] Taste of Taiwan: Noodles and Sauce Collection
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If you love gourmet treats from Taiwan, then this redeemable reward is for you! Discover a special curation of Taiwanese products, from duck’s blood and braised beef noodle soup to sesame oil and golden scallop sauce!

Selected Product Highlights*:

Huoqiu Spicy Duck Blood Gift Box

A secret double chilli recipe with a depth of spicy flavours that warms the body and stimulates appetite. Infused with selected Chinese herbal spices and simmered slowly with chicken bones, the duck’s blood is smooth, tender and flavoursome.

Chiayishiri Braised Beef Noodle Soup

Made with carefully selected Australian beef brisket with distinct layers of marbling and a tender and slightly chewy texture. The sweetness of carrots, tanginess of pickled cabbage and richness of beef bones are combined with various aromatic herbs to create a belly-warming and scrumptious braised broth.

Chiayishiri Sweet Osmanthus Taro 

Only taro sourced locally in Taiwan that have soft and dense cores are selected. The taro is finely ground into a paste with rock sugar and slowly cooked with quality ingredients. Fresh osmanthus flowers are brewed to create a unique osmanthus sauce, preserving its natural fragrance and delightful sweet flavour.

Huoqiu Sesame Sauce Noodles

The creamy and smooth sesame sauce nicely coats the chewy noodles and offers a slightly grainy texture without being cloying. 


*Limited quota on a first come, first served basis, while stock lasts.