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[Apr – Jun Exclusive] Eco-smart Kitchen Kit
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Cooking brings us so much joy; even more so when the kitchen space is nice, tidy and clean! This reward privilege contains a careful selection of items that can help you build an eco-smart kitchen, including two Absodry Duo Family Bags and Refill Bags, and a Compo 4 Food Waste Caddy.

The reward privilege includes*:

Absodry Duo Family Bag Original – Grey & Green

Absodry Duo Family is a stylish and efficient moisture absorber that fits perfectly in the home. It comes with an associated refill bag with moisture-absorbing crystals, with each bag lasting up to three months depending on humidity and placement. The crystals absorb excess moisture, which condenses into water in the container. With a moisture absorber, the humidity becomes optimal for our living conditions while reducing odour and the risk of mould.

With a case that is made of 100% recyclable plastic, this moisture absorber bag is a natural, non-toxic dehumidifier made in Sweden. Suitable for areas of 3-5 sqm, such as wardrobes, bedrooms, small warehouses, bathrooms and clothes drying rack.

Absodry Duo Family Refill Bag 2-Pack

When your refill bag is used up, you can simply replace it with a new one and your home can continue to feel fresh. Both the moisture absorber and its packaging are partially made from recycled material and therefore have a minimal climate footprint.

Compo 4 Food Waste Caddy

The food waste caddy’s wide aperture makes scraping food from plates easier. Its adjustable air vent helps to reduce moisture and odour build-up when opened, and provides an insect barrier when closed. Its slimline design makes it perfect for storing on the worktop or inside cupboards.


*Due to Limited quota, each member could only redeem one set in this season, on a first come, first served basis, while stock lasts.