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Kayanoya Dashi Soup Set
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Description & Details

Founded in Meiji 26 with over 120 years of history, Kayanoya is part of food manufacturer KubaraHonke’s family of brands, and started as a condiments factory and has now become a soup stock specialist store with a focus on natural seasoning. Throughout the years, all of its products are natural and made using strictly selected, high-quality Japanese local seasonal ingredients without chemicals or preservatives. If you enjoy using quality soup stock, seasoning and dressing in your cooking, then this truly flavour-enhancing redeemable reward is for you!


Selected Product Highlights :

Kayanoya Dashi Soup Stock

The signature soup stock of Kayanoya brand, this fish stock is made with bonito flakes, kelp, round herring and grilled flying fish. This authentic Japanese stock can be used for a variety of dishes, such as miso soup, noodles, hot pot and stews. Its powder form also makes it suitable as a seasoning.

Kayanoya White Sesame Dressing

A tasty dressing combining the smoothness of sesame paste and grainy texture of ground sesame. Fukuoka-produced soybeans and pure rice vinegar add more richness to its taste. Perfect not only for salads, but also for noodles, shabu-shabu, hot pot and more.

Kayanoya Concentrated Yuzu Citrus Drink

This sweet and sour yuzu citrus tea is made with yuzu skin and juice, and its lovely, rich scent coats your mouth as you enjoy this drink with cold or hot water and soda. It can also be used as a jam for spreading on toast, or in yogurt and ice cream.

Kayanoya Freeze Dried Chawanmushi Steamed Egg Ingredients

Contains selected freeze-dried ingredients and dashi stock. Simply add egg and warm water to create authentic chawanmushi steamed egg at home.


Gift includes :

- Kayanoya Dashi Soup Stock (L) x1

- Kayanoya Mixed Vegetable Soup Stock (S) x1 

- Kayanoya Shiitake Mushroom Soup Stock (S) x1

- Kayanoya Original Kombu Kelp Stock Powder (S) x1

- Kayanoya Chicken Soup Stock (S) x1

- Kayanoya Dried Udon Noodle x1

- Kayanoya Dashi Noodle Sauce x1

- Kayanoya White Sesame Dressing x1

- Kayanoya Concentrated Yuzu Citrus Drink x1

- Kayanoya Instant Miso Soup - Mixed Mushroom x1

- Kayanoya Dashi Zosui Rice Porridge Seasoning – Mushroom x1

- Kayanoya Dashi Zosui Rice Porridge Seasoning- Scallop x1

- Kayanoya Freeze Dried Chawanmushi Steamed Egg Ingredients x1

- Kayanoya Gift Box CC (217mmx300mmx70mm) x1

- Kayanoya Portable Papper Bag (L) x1

- Kayanoya Portable Papper Bag (M) x1 / Kayanoya Papper Bag (M) x1

- Kayanoya Wrapping paper for gift boxes x1


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