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Delightfully Spring Japanese Fruits & Veggies Box
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Description & Details

Health-conscious folks will adore this redeemable reward! Filled to the brim with an assortment of  spring’s premium seasonal fruits and vegetables from Japan, the Delightfully Spring Japanese Fruits & Veggies Box includes very sweet Watermelon from Kumamoto, exquisite Miyazaki Mango, JAS-certified organic Tanaka Farm Spinach, and tangy and appetising Hakataya Vinegar Pickled Radish.


Selected Product Highlights:

Japanese Watermelon (Available from March to September)

Mainly cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture where there is a large difference in temperature between day and night ; warm climate and adequate sunlight, this watermelon is particularly sweet  with a good crunch. Its sugar level is usually between eight to 10 degrees, though an extra sweet one can reach up to 12 degrees.


Japanese Miyazaki Mango (Available from mid-March to mid-August)

The Miyazaki mango is known as the Queen of Mangoes, and are richly sweet with soft and juicy flesh with a little bit of fibre. From planting to bearing fruit, the whole process is strictly and delicately monitored. The mangoes are planted in a greenhouse and kept at a constant temperature of 25°C. As they are ripening, a net is placed around the fruits to protect them. When they are fully ripened on the tree, the stalk naturally shrinks – this is when the farmers harvest the fruits, and the fruits are at their best state for eating.


Japanese Tanaka Farm Spinach (Available all year round)

JAS-certified organic Japanese spinach. The production area of this spinach moves across the country at various organic farms depending on the season.


Hakataya Vinegar Pickled Radish (Available all year round)
Hakataya kimchi is produced under the strict supervision of our Japanese pickling experts to ensure the best taste and quality. Made fresh daily in their own factory, this premium kimchi comes submerged in precious kimchi seasoning to give the vegetables an even richer flavour and a longer shelf life.

Gift includes :

-Japan Yamashita Farm Sweet Corn x1 pc

-Japanese Watermelon x1 pc

-Japanese Miyazaki Mango x1 pc

-Japanese Tanaka Farm Spinach x1 pc

-Japan Hiroshima Farm Fruit Tomato x1 pc

-Japan Okinawa Organic String Bean x1 pc

-Vinegar Pickled Radish L x1 pc




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