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The Bellota-Bellota® Surprise
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Description & Details

Bellota-Bellota® is a brand dedicated to the finest traditional Iberian gastronomy, centred around the amazing Ibeérico ham (Pata Negra ham), considered by many to be the world’s finest. Indulge in a selection of Bellota-Bellota®’s signature products, including its Hand-sliced Iberico Grand Cru Guijuelo Salamanca, Iberico Grand Cru Huelva-Jabugo, Mini Sardines, Ceps in Olive Oil, and more.

*city'super is the exclusive retail partner of Bellota-Bellota® in Hong Kong.


Selected Product Highlights:

Bellota-Bellota® Ham Iberico Grand Cru Guijuelo Salamanca – Hand-sliced

Matured in a much cooler climate than the other vintage hams, this variety has a smooth, sweet flavour.

Bellota-Bellota® Ham Iberico Grand Cru Huelva-Jabugo – Hand-sliced

Matured under the Andalusian sun, its power and complexity will satisfy any ham lover’s palate.

Bellota-Bellota® Mini Sardines

Fished along the Cantabrian coasts and prepared using traditional methods, these mini sardines are ready to be enjoyed as they are or with farm-fresh butter and toast.

Bellota-Bellota® ARTICHOKE HEARTS 420g

Grown in Navarre and in the region of Murcia, they are prepared by hand before being cooked, sterilized and packages.


Gift includes :

- Bellota-Bellota® Ham Iberico Grand Cru GUIJUELO SALAMANCA - Hand Sliced - 50gr  x1

- Bellota-Bellota® Ham - Iberico Grand Cru Huelva-Jabugo Hand Sliced - 50gr x1

- Chorizo Bellota-Bellota® - Pre sliced - 100gr x1

- Olive Oil Bellota-Bellota® Black Truffle 250ml x1



- Espelette Pepper Jelly Bellota-Bellota® x1


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