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Superb Seafood & Wine Appreciation Set
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Description & Details

A great seafood and wine pairing can improve even the dullest days. This city’super redeemable reward comes with the large and meaty French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0, umami-packed Don Bocarte Pre-cooked Octopus, and a bottle of Domaine Fournier Sancerre Les Belles Vignes 2019. The perfect set-up for a romantic night in. 


Selected Product Highlights:

French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0

Terroir is just as important when it comes to oysters. These gems take four years to grow in the Marennes basin, with excellent, nutrient-rich environment of just the right amount of currents and tides.

Don Bocarte Pre-cooked Octopus

With a firm texture and a good bite. Mildly flavoured and packed with umami. Ready to eat, or can be heated or added to salads.

Domaine Fournier Sancerre Les Belles Vignes 2019

With a beautiful golden appearance, this wine is rich on the palate on first taste, followed by a bright character with aromas of fennel, lilac and black currant. A medium-bodied Sauvignon Blanc that pairs excellently with the flavour profiles of the French city’super Special Oyster Nr.0.


Gift includes :

- French city'super Special Oyster Nr.0 x8

- DON BOCARTE Pre-cooked Octopus x1

- Domaine Fournier Sancerre Les Belles Vignes 2019 x1


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