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Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket
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Description & Details

With something to nurture your body both on the outside and the inside, this reward privilege basket comes with a careful selection of all-natural goodies from Ling Lee, a media personality and entrepreneur who runs an eponymous business focusing on natural skincare products and healthy food and cooking products that are suitable for people of all ages. Highlights from Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket include Ling Lee Camellia Seed OilLing Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking OilLing Lee Ginger Powder, and Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice.


Selected Product Highlights:

Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil

Rich in oleic acid and anti-oxidants, camellia seed oil has been a traditional hair and beauty care secret in Japan for centuries. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used as day and night creams, sunblock and hair oil, and helps to prevent stretch marks.

Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil

Camilla seed cooking oil, aka “Olive Oil from the Orient”, contains 91% unsaturated fatty acids. A very healthy cooking oil that can improve cholesterol levels.

Ling Lee Ginger Powder

The health benefits of ginger are well documented. It can stimulate circulation, metabolism and secretion of gastric juices. Mix one teaspoonful of powder with warm water, then add honey or brown sugar to taste.

Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari rice is one of the most premium rice varietes in Japan, especially the crop produced in Niigata. A must-try for all rice lovers. 


Gift includes :

- Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil 60ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Moisturizing Toner 100ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Tsubaki Oil Hand Cream 50ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee AloeVeraMoisturizing Serum120ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil 500ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee GINGER POWDER 150G x 1 


- Gift Basket  x 1