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Eat Green Eat Local Set
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An excellent choice for those who appreciate quality ingredients and love to support local businesses, this reward privilege is a special set only available in August and September during our 25th Anniversary promotion: Salute to Craftsmanship – Local Farmers. This set comes with 8 assorted leafy vegetables from local farms that are delivered directly to our store weekly, along with other selected veggies from our local farm partners, such as Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom, Instant Salad Box and Organic Sweet Corn. What’s more, the set also comes with iconic, locally produced condiments and noodles like Mrs. So Premium XO Sauce and Yau Kee Premium Shrimp Roe Noodles so you can truly enjoy the authentic taste of Hong Kong. Only 100 sets available.


Selected Product Highlights :

Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom by New Life Farm 

This golden oyster mushroom is from New Life Farm, Hong Kong’s only farm that is dedicated to helping mentally disabled and recovered mental health patients. The mushrooms have a crunchy texture and a light seafood flavour that is great for stir-frying, soups and salads.

Instant Salad Box by Farm 66

Made with a selection of the day’s freshest leafy greens, such as arugula, endives, Japanese mustard, oak leaf lettuce, butter head lettuce, and romaine lettuce. All the vegetables are grown using aquaponics system in Hong Kong.

Organic Sweet Corn by Tai Tong Organic Farm

This locally-grown corn is organic and super sweet. The corn is harvested in the morning and delivered directly to the store to ensure freshness.

Yau Kee Premium Shrimp Roe Noodles

With the introduction of new technologies and concepts learned from overseas such as Japan and Singapore while retaining its traditional methods, Yau Kee has been producing different types of noodles in Hong Kong for over 60 year. Its shrimp roe noodles have a rich shrimp roe and egg flavour, and the texture is smooth with a great bounce.  

Mrs. So Premium XO Sauce 

Known as a gracious and generous host among her friends, Mrs. So Chau Yim Ping started preparing her own XO sauces with the help of her trusted chef Far Gor when she couldn’t find one on the market that met her standards. The XO sauce is created using a recipe from the 80s and premium ingredients such as Hokkaido conpoy, Kam Wah ham, shrimp roe, and salted fish. The sauce is hand-cooked to bring out the uniqueness of each ingredient. 



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