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Gourmet Seafood Deluxe
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Description & Details

Anytime is a good time for seafood. This city’super reward privilege is perfect for seafood lovers, which includes the rare delicacy of New Zealand Frozen Wild Scampi and the umami-packed city’super Baeri Caviar. The ideal set for those looking for premium ingredients to add to a romantic dinner or gathering at home.



Selected Product Highlights:

Nr.0 New Zealand Frozen Wild Scampi

Easily recognised for its pink and orange banded shell, scampi live in burrows on the New Zealand seafloor, 200 to 800 metres deep. Wild caught and frozen at sea to retain freshness, scampi are a rare delicacy and highly sought after for their sweet, white, meaty flesh. Taste great when baked, barbequed and marinated.


city’super Baeri Caviar

The city’super Baeri Caviar comes from Siberian Acipenser Baeri sturgeons that are grown in France. With its hazelnut flavours, briny and robust taste and creamy texture, the caviar can be served as an appetiser along with eggs, minced onion, and bread with butter, or with blinis, and a glass of champagne or vodka. Also pairs well with oysters and other seafood.