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Happy 25th!
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Created in celebration of City Super Group’s 25th birthday, this special redeemable reward contains a carefully selected curation of city’super own-brand premium products, from Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI, Organic Raw Wildflower Honey and Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds to Tagliatelle Egg Pasta, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and Guatemala 1st Class SHB Blend Coffee Beans. It’s time to indulge!

Selected Product Highlights:

25th Anniversary city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set

Produced in Modena, Emilia-Romagna from a reduction of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes using century-old methods, and aged in durmast oak barrels, this balsamic vinegar is classic, dense and full-bodied with a sweet black-cherry aftertaste. It goes well with any type of dish, including simple salads, desserts and dumplings.

city’super Organic Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw honey is cold-processed, extracted straight from the honeycomb and only filtered rather than pasteurised. The flavour is fruity and floral. Perfect for spreading on bread with butter, sweetening herbal tea and fruit salad, and pairing with soft fresh cheese.

city’super Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds

Handmade with Spanish Largueta almonds by the Las Morenitas de Puri family, which has grown almonds in the fields of Minglanilla and Villalpardo in Cuenca province for over 70 years. Each almond is thinly glazed one by one with white beet sugar. They are easy to chew and have an intense toasted flavour.

city’super Tagliatelle Egg Pasta

This pasta is crafted in a small workshop, La Pasta di Aldo in Monte San Giusto, in the Marche region. The owners, couple Luigi and Maria, make artisanal pasta using locally grown wheat with a unique flour blend. Every piece of pasta is hand-kneaded to retain its flavour and chewy texture.