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Healthy Snacking In A Nutshell
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There is so much to love about almonds. Although they’re high in fat, much of this is in the form of monosaturated fat, which helps to protect the heart by maintaining a healthy level of HDL, or “good” cholesterol. Almonds are commonly referred to as a nut, but they are actually teardrop-shaped edible seeds from the almond tree. This redeemable reward consists of a selection of roasted and raw almonds, flavoured and caramelised almonds, almond butter, cold-pressed almond oil and almond flour.

Selected Product Highlights:

Finca La Rosala Roasted Unsalted Giant Largueta Almonds / Blanched Valencia Almonds / Blanched Marcona Almonds

Spain is the second largest almond producer in the world after California, and they’re mainly produced in the Mediterranean region. The quality of these almonds is exceptional thanks to the high oil content, which makes them smooth and flavourful.

Artisana Organic Almond Butter

Handcrafted using 100% certified organic almonds, this pure almond butter is free of chemicals, GMO and toxic pesticides, and is produced only in small batches in Oakland, California with careful attention to detail under strict food safety protocols.

Casa Gispert Caramelized Almonds

Casa Gispert is one of the oldest food stores in Barcelona, and has been selling products from overseas since 1851: nuts, dried fruits, coffee, tea, cocoa and spices like vanilla, cinnamon and saffron.

Crudigno Organic Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Argan oil, also known as “desert gold”, is obtained from the first pressing of the raw argan nut. This precious oil can be consumed, but can also be used in cosmetics. Thanks to its hydrating proprieties, argan oil is a perfect ingredient for massage oils, night and day creams and hair care products. It is rich in oleic acid (approx. 47%) and linoleic acid (approx. 34%).