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We are blessed with devoted support from our super e-gold members. To extend a heartfelt appreciation, exclusive rewards can be redeemed in just a few clicks. super e-gold member can entitle 10 Reward eCoins for every 40,000 points upon anniversary date, 20 Reward eCoins for 80,000 points, and so on. Reward eCoins redemption is available here and valid within 60 days after anniversary day while stocks last.

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Eat Green Eat Local Set

An excellent choice for those who appreciate quality ingredients and love to support local businesses, this reward privilege is a special set only available in August and September during our 25th Anniversary promotion: Salute to Craftsmanship – Local Farmers. This set comes with 8 assorted leafy vegetables from local farms that are delivered directly to our store weekly, along with other selected veggies from our local farm partners, such as Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom, Instant Salad Box and Organic Sweet Corn. What’s more, the set also comes with iconic, locally produced condiments and noodles like Mrs. So Premium XO Sauce and Yau Kee Premium Shrimp Roe Noodles so you can truly enjoy the authentic taste of Hong Kong. Only 100 sets available.


Selected Product Highlights :

Organic Golden Oyster Mushroom by New Life Farm 

This golden oyster mushroom is from New Life Farm, Hong Kong’s only farm that is dedicated to helping mentally disabled and recovered mental health patients. The mushrooms have a crunchy texture and a light seafood flavour that is great for stir-frying, soups and salads.

Instant Salad Box by Farm 66

Made with a selection of the day’s freshest leafy greens, such as arugula, endives, Japanese mustard, oak leaf lettuce, butter head lettuce, and romaine lettuce. All the vegetables are grown using aquaponics system in Hong Kong.

Organic Sweet Corn by Tai Tong Organic Farm

This locally-grown corn is organic and super sweet. The corn is harvested in the morning and delivered directly to the store to ensure freshness.

Yau Kee Premium Shrimp Roe Noodles

With the introduction of new technologies and concepts learned from overseas such as Japan and Singapore while retaining its traditional methods, Yau Kee has been producing different types of noodles in Hong Kong for over 60 year. Its shrimp roe noodles have a rich shrimp roe and egg flavour, and the texture is smooth with a great bounce.  

Mrs. So Premium XO Sauce 

Known as a gracious and generous host among her friends, Mrs. So Chau Yim Ping started preparing her own XO sauces with the help of her trusted chef Far Gor when she couldn’t find one on the market that met her standards. The XO sauce is created using a recipe from the 80s and premium ingredients such as Hokkaido conpoy, Kam Wah ham, shrimp roe, and salted fish. The sauce is hand-cooked to bring out the uniqueness of each ingredient. 



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Retail Price: $1,000 or above


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Exquisite Beef & Sake Appreciation Set

Calling all yakiniku and sake lovers! This delectable reward privilege comes with your favourite Yamagata Chilled A5 Wagyu Premium Yakiniku Set, a bottle of Tenju Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo, Fukishokken BBQ Sauce and a healthy Vegetable Platter – all nicely wrapped in a beautifully designed Japanese Furoshiki gift wrapping cloth.  


Selected Product Highlights:


Yamagata Chilled A5 Wagyu Premium Yakiniku Set

Yamagata cattle over 24 months are fed with Yamagata rice every day, which gives the fat a lower melting point, resulting in more tender meat and richer flavour and aroma. With cuts chosen specifically for Japanese BBQ, this set includes chuck roll, rump, and short rib/short plate.

Tenju Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo

Premium apple aroma coats the palate. Elegant, fresh and light, and finishes with a beautiful citrus fragrance. Pairs wonderfully with richer cuisines like yakiniku.

Fukishokken BBQ Sauce

A sweet and nutty BBQ sauce that can enhance the ingredients’ natural flavours, especially the rich aroma of beef.

Vegetable Platter for BBQ

Cleanse your palate between rich, tasty pieces of barbecued beef with this selection of fresh and sweet vegetables. The platter includes locally grown organic super sweet corn, Japanese maitake mushrooms and more. 

city’super x Victor Lai Recycled PET Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods. Made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and printed with azo-free dyes, the furoshiki wrapping cloth has been handmade by Indian village ladies. The whole supply chain complies with Fairtrade standard.


Gift includes :

- YAM Chuck Roll 150g +Rump 150g + Short Rib/Short Plate 400g


- city'super x Victor Lai Recycled PET Furoshiki 70 x 70cm x1

- Vegetables Platter for BBQ x1




Merchandise photos are for reference only.

Retail Price: $1,000 or above

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The city’super Super Box

Staying healthy has been everyone’s main focus since 2020, and what’s better than a whole box of specially curated healthy goodies from your favourite food super store, city'super? This reward privilege contains our recommended cooking ingredients and food products, such as the Tagliatelle Egg Pasta, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain, Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds, East Bali Cashew – Unsalted / Garlic Pepper, and more.


Selected Product Highlights:

city'super Tagliatelle Egg Pasta
Crafted in a small workshop named La Pasta di Aldo in Monte San Giusto in the Marche region, each piece of pasta is hand-kneaded to retain their flavour and chewy texture. This egg pasta is loved for its vivid yolk-yellow colour which is a result of a high egg to flour ratio (32% egg).

city'super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain

Produced in a 104-year-old estate in Andalusia, this olive oil is a blend of Picual and Picuda olives, exuding aromas of green apple, green leaves and fresh cut grass. Full-bodied and well-balanced; slightly bitter and peppery.

city'super Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds

Handmade with almonds of the Largueta variety typical of Spain, these almonds have a milky flavour that is ideal for making caramelised almonds. Each almond is thinly glazed one by one with white beet sugar, and has an intense toasted flavour.

city'super x East Bali Cashew – Unsalted / Garlic Pepper
These skin-on native cashews are hand-harvested from wild cashew trees around Bali’s famous active volcano Mount Agung, where nutrients from the volcanic soil and a lifetime of tropical sunshine lend a rich and luxurious crunch.


Gift includes :

city'super TAGLIATELLE EGG PASTA 250G x1

city'super x Perche Ci Credo TOMATO SAUCE W/ BASIL 330G x1

- city'super Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain 500mL x1

city'super Guatemala 1st Class SHB Blend Coffee Bean 200g x1

city'super Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds 65g x1

city'super x East Bali Cashew - Unsalted 80g x1

city'super x East Bali Cashew - Garlic Pepper 80g x1


city'super CRANBERRY DELIGHT 500G x1

city'super CRANBERRIES 125G x1

city'super Apricots-Medium Whole 250g x1

city'super Pumpkin Seeds 125g x1

city'super Beef Broth Concentrate (10 packets) x1

city'super BROTH CONCENTRATE-CHICKEN (10 packets) x1

city'super Garlic Powder 50g x1

city'super MIXED HERBS 18G x1

city'super CAYENNE PEPPER 40G x1

city'super Brisling Sardine Olive Oil 120g x1

city'super Smoked Brisling Sardine in Olive Oil 120g x1


Merchandise photos are for reference only.

Retail Price: $1,000 or above

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Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket

With something to nurture your body both on the outside and the inside, this reward privilege basket comes with a careful selection of all-natural goodies from Ling Lee, a media personality and entrepreneur who runs an eponymous business focusing on natural skincare products and healthy food and cooking products that are suitable for people of all ages. Highlights from Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket include Ling Lee Camellia Seed OilLing Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking OilLing Lee Ginger Powder, and Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice.


Selected Product Highlights:

Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil

Rich in oleic acid and anti-oxidants, camellia seed oil has been a traditional hair and beauty care secret in Japan for centuries. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used as day and night creams, sunblock and hair oil, and helps to prevent stretch marks.

Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil

Camilla seed cooking oil, aka “Olive Oil from the Orient”, contains 91% unsaturated fatty acids. A very healthy cooking oil that can improve cholesterol levels.

Ling Lee Ginger Powder

The health benefits of ginger are well documented. It can stimulate circulation, metabolism and secretion of gastric juices. Mix one teaspoonful of powder with warm water, then add honey or brown sugar to taste.

Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari rice is one of the most premium rice varietes in Japan, especially the crop produced in Niigata. A must-try for all rice lovers. 


Gift includes :

- Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil 60ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Moisturizing Toner 100ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Tsubaki Oil Hand Cream 50ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee AloeVeraMoisturizing Serum120ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil 500ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee GINGER POWDER 150G x 1 


- Gift Basket  x 1 


Merchandise photos are for reference only.

Retail Price: $1,000 or above

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Dashijie Gourmet Basket

Fans of Dashijie and her products are in luck! Theresa Mak, known as Dashijie, has been honing her skills under the famous Cantonese cuisine expert Pearl Kong Chen in Hong Kong since the 1970s to study and preserve traditional Cantonese cuisine. Theresa is the first of Ms Kong’s three students in Hong Kong and hence she’s known as “dashijie”. Each of Dashijie’s products are created with her family in mind, as she would only offers items with a true “taste of home” and that are good enough for her own family.

We have gathered some of our favourite and best-selling Dashijie goodies for this exciting reward privilege for discerning gourmets, which includes XO Sauce with Ham, Pure Chicken Essence, Shrimp Roe Noodles and Brown Sugar Bentong Old Ginger Tea – Osmanthus etc.


Selected Product Highlights:

Dashijie XO Sauce with Ham

Made with strictly selected ingredients, including dried shrimp that is free of artificial colouring, superior Doumen shrimp roe, special thread fin salted fish, Jinhua ham and fried flounder fillet to create this intensely rich and exquisite XO sauce.

Dashijie Pure Chicken Essence

100% pure and natural chicken essence made with whole, fresh free-range Taiwanese chicken that has been raised for at least 365 days.

Dashijie Shrimp Roe Noodles (Fine)

Fine noodles crafted with Japanese conpoy, superior Doumen shrimp roe and premium flour. With a nice bite and plenty of shrimp roe to give a burst of umami in every bite. Free of artificial colouring and MSG. Simply place in boiling water for 1 minute and 45 seconds, drain and enjoy.

Dashijie Brown Sugar Bentong Old Ginger Tea – Osmanthus

Bentong ginger is known as the “king of ginger” due to its low production. Bentong ginger is spicier and more aromatic than normal ginger, and also has higher nutritional value.


Gift includes :

- Dashijie XO SAUCE WITH HAM 168G


- Dashijie Brown Sugar Bentong Old Ginger Tea- Goji Berry 220g


- Dashijie Pure Chicken Essence 60g x3

- Dashijie 8 Assorted Noodle Gift Box 384g

- Ying Kee Tea House teabag x 10 pcs


Merchandise photos are for reference only.

Retail Price: $1,000 or above.

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Soupstock Tokyo Special Selection

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party at home, or in need of a delicious and nutritious dinner after a long day at work, soul warming soups are always a great option. This reward privilege features an array of beloved Soupstock Tokyo products, including the very popular Lobster Tomato Bisque, Tokyo Borsch, Minestrone, and more. Made in Japan with premium ingredients, these packaged soups are all made with unique recipes and have been frozen so you can easily reheat the whole packet in hot water.

Founded in 1999 and with stores in major urban cities in Japan, Soupstock Tokyo is a specialty store that offers a wide variety of healthy soups that can be enjoyed as a meal.


Selected Product Highlights:

Soupstock Tokyo Lobster Tomato Bisque

A signature soup made with lobster heads to extract the essence and lobster aroma. Thick, rich and utterly delicious.

Soupstock Tokyo Tokyo Borsch

An east-meets-west recipe where stir-fried onions are added with tender beef for a hearty Borsch.

Soupstock Tokyo Minestrone

Over 10 types of vegetables and a kombu broth base are used to make this soup. Clear and sweet.


Gift includes :










Merchandise photos are for reference only.

Retail Price: $1,000 or above.

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Ready-to-eat Summer Party Set for Foodies

Summer is the perfect time for house parties. If you’re playing host and in need of food ideas, then this reward privilege is for you. The Ready-to-eat Summer Party Set for Foodies consists of the refreshing Roasted Shrimp & Potato Salad (600g), homemade soups with two servings each of the Roasted Tomato with Seafood Soup and Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup, well-marbled Grilled Yamagata A5 Wagyu Beef Striploin (300g), and a Deli and Cheese Platter – Summer Selection. What’s more, the set comes with a bottle of Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut DOCG NV – with floral, almond, citrus and ginger notes – to get the party started, and a bottle of Ferngrove Frankland Shiraz 2019 with perfumed nose of dense black plums, baked blackberry pie and anise.




Terms and conditions :

•Please redeem your party set at least 48 hours before pick-up date.  The daily cut-off time is 3:00pm.

•Merchandise photos are for reference only. Retail Price: $2,000 or above

•Order and pick-up location cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed.

•In case of Black Rainstorm Warning / Typhoon signal No.8 or above, the party set may be delayed or cancelled on the same day or next day; customer will be contacted for further arrangements.

•Party set items are subject to change due to the ingredients supply. Customer will be contacted for further arrangements.

•City Super Limited reserves the right to amend terms and conditions and to make final decision on all matters of dispute.

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