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We are blessed with devoted support from our super e-gold members. To extend a heartfelt appreciation, exclusive rewards can be redeemed in just a few clicks. super e-gold member can entitle 10 Reward eCoins for every 40,000 points upon anniversary date, 20 Reward eCoins for 80,000 points, and so on. Reward eCoins redemption is available here and valid within 60 days after anniversary day while stocks last.

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Happy 25th!

Created in celebration of City Super Group’s 25th birthday, this special redeemable reward contains a carefully selected curation of city’super own-brand premium products, from Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI, Organic Raw Wildflower Honey and Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds to Tagliatelle Egg Pasta, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain and Guatemala 1st Class SHB Blend Coffee Beans. It’s time to indulge!

Selected Product Highlights:

25th Anniversary city’super Gold Balsamic Vinegar PGI Box Set

Produced in Modena, Emilia-Romagna from a reduction of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes using century-old methods, and aged in durmast oak barrels, this balsamic vinegar is classic, dense and full-bodied with a sweet black-cherry aftertaste. It goes well with any type of dish, including simple salads, desserts and dumplings.

city’super Organic Raw Wildflower Honey

Raw honey is cold-processed, extracted straight from the honeycomb and only filtered rather than pasteurised. The flavour is fruity and floral. Perfect for spreading on bread with butter, sweetening herbal tea and fruit salad, and pairing with soft fresh cheese.

city’super Handmade Caramelised Spanish Almonds

Handmade with Spanish Largueta almonds by the Las Morenitas de Puri family, which has grown almonds in the fields of Minglanilla and Villalpardo in Cuenca province for over 70 years. Each almond is thinly glazed one by one with white beet sugar. They are easy to chew and have an intense toasted flavour.

city’super Tagliatelle Egg Pasta

This pasta is crafted in a small workshop, La Pasta di Aldo in Monte San Giusto, in the Marche region. The owners, couple Luigi and Maria, make artisanal pasta using locally grown wheat with a unique flour blend. Every piece of pasta is hand-kneaded to retain its flavour and chewy texture.

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Bee-utiful & Healthy, Naturally

Not only is honey an excellent sweetener for drinks and desserts, it also has a number of potential health benefits and plays a role in many home remedies and alternative medical treatments. Try our special selection of premium honeys in this extra sweet redeemable reward, which includes Maison du Miel French Flower Honeycomb, Savannah Bee Honey Straws, Sant’Agata Organic Honey Wildflower, Arataki Honey Manuka UMF15+ and more.

Selected Product Highlights:

Maison du Miel French Flower Honeycomb

Also called “honey in breach”, “honey cake” or even “knife honey” depending on the region, comb honey concentrates all the benefits of the hive and is highly sought-after for its intense flavour. La Maison du Miel is one of the oldest beekeepers in France, with a shop located on the prestigious Rue Vignon and a stone’s throw away from historical monument the Madeleine Church.

Savannah Bee Honey Straws

Established in 2002 in the US, Savannah Bee Company joined the Heifer Project International programme, selecting honey from ecologically responsible beekeepers worldwide to ensure its world-class quality.

Sant’Agata Organic Wildflower Honey

This certified organic Italian raw honey from Tuscany is of the highest quality in terms of both authenticity and flavour. Organic honey from Italy is strictly regulated in all stages of production, making it some of the best honey in the world.

Arataki Honey Manuka UMF15+

Arataki Honey was established in 1944, and is one of the largest integrated beekeeping enterprises in the southern hemisphere. Arataki provides a range of premium honeys ranging from almost colourless to dark amber brown that deliver the very best of New Zealand plants and trees, including Rewarewa honey, which can only be found in that country.

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Healthy Snacking In A Nutshell

There is so much to love about almonds. Although they’re high in fat, much of this is in the form of monosaturated fat, which helps to protect the heart by maintaining a healthy level of HDL, or “good” cholesterol. Almonds are commonly referred to as a nut, but they are actually teardrop-shaped edible seeds from the almond tree. This redeemable reward consists of a selection of roasted and raw almonds, flavoured and caramelised almonds, almond butter, cold-pressed almond oil and almond flour.

Selected Product Highlights:

Finca La Rosala Roasted Unsalted Giant Largueta Almonds / Blanched Valencia Almonds / Blanched Marcona Almonds

Spain is the second largest almond producer in the world after California, and they’re mainly produced in the Mediterranean region. The quality of these almonds is exceptional thanks to the high oil content, which makes them smooth and flavourful.

Artisana Organic Almond Butter

Handcrafted using 100% certified organic almonds, this pure almond butter is free of chemicals, GMO and toxic pesticides, and is produced only in small batches in Oakland, California with careful attention to detail under strict food safety protocols.

Casa Gispert Caramelized Almonds

Casa Gispert is one of the oldest food stores in Barcelona, and has been selling products from overseas since 1851: nuts, dried fruits, coffee, tea, cocoa and spices like vanilla, cinnamon and saffron.

Crudigno Organic Cold Pressed Almond Oil

Argan oil, also known as “desert gold”, is obtained from the first pressing of the raw argan nut. This precious oil can be consumed, but can also be used in cosmetics. Thanks to its hydrating proprieties, argan oil is a perfect ingredient for massage oils, night and day creams and hair care products. It is rich in oleic acid (approx. 47%) and linoleic acid (approx. 34%).

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Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket

With something to nurture your body both on the outside and the inside, this reward privilege basket comes with a careful selection of all-natural goodies from Ling Lee, a media personality and entrepreneur who runs an eponymous business focusing on natural skincare products and healthy food and cooking products that are suitable for people of all ages. Highlights from Ling Lee’s All-natural Basket include Ling Lee Camellia Seed OilLing Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking OilLing Lee Ginger Powder, and Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice.


Selected Product Highlights:

Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil

Rich in oleic acid and anti-oxidants, camellia seed oil has been a traditional hair and beauty care secret in Japan for centuries. Suitable for all skin types, it can be used as day and night creams, sunblock and hair oil, and helps to prevent stretch marks.

Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil

Camilla seed cooking oil, aka “Olive Oil from the Orient”, contains 91% unsaturated fatty acids. A very healthy cooking oil that can improve cholesterol levels.

Ling Lee Ginger Powder

The health benefits of ginger are well documented. It can stimulate circulation, metabolism and secretion of gastric juices. Mix one teaspoonful of powder with warm water, then add honey or brown sugar to taste.

Mai Do Niigata Koshihikari Rice

Koshihikari rice is one of the most premium rice varietes in Japan, especially the crop produced in Niigata. A must-try for all rice lovers. 


Gift includes :

- Ling Lee Camellia Seed Oil 60ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Moisturizing Toner 100ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Tsubaki Oil Hand Cream 50ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee AloeVeraMoisturizing Serum120ml x 1 

- Ling Lee Natural Camilla Seed Cooking Oil 500ml  x 1 

- Ling Lee GINGER POWDER 150G x 1 


- Gift Basket  x 1 

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For Your Next Spring Party

Hosting a party soon? The perfect redeemable reward for party hosts, the Ready-to-eat Party Set consists of a Deli & Cheese Platter (Spring Selection), Assorted Deluxe Sushi Set, extra succulent and flavourful Roasted British Grass Fed Tomahawk (raw meat weight: about 1kg), and Japanese Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Chestnut Salad with Maple Sauce. What’s more, the set also comes with two wines: a Plan B Riesling Off Dry 2021* from Australia with aromas of grapefruit, moderate sweetness and fresh acidity, and a Lungarotti L’U Rosso 2019* from Italy with notes of black cherry, brandied fruit, coffee, cocoa and sweet spices.



*"Plan B Riesling Off Dry 2021" is changed to "PLAN B CHARDONNAY 2020", Fresh aromas of apple, lemon and herbs, followed by hint of nuts and butter.

*"Lungarotti L’U Rosso 2019" is changed to "JL COLOMBO CDR LES ABEILLES ROUGE 18": Nose : The nose offers fine and intense floral aromas and notes of fresh fruits like candied lemon. Palate : Nicely rounded and fresh. It surprises by its complexity, its freshness and lively structure.



Terms and conditions

•Please redeem your party set at least 48 hours before pick-up date.  The daily cut-off time is 3:00pm.

•Order and pick-up location cannot be changed or cancelled once confirmed.

•In case of Black Rainstorm Warning / Typhoon signal No.8 or above, the party set may be delayed or cancelled on the same day or next day; customer will be contacted for further arrangements.

•Party set items are subject to change due to the ingredients supply. Customer will be contacted for further arrangements.

•City Super Limited reserves the right to amend terms and conditions and to make final decision on all matters of dispute.

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